MOBIX Communication Framework

MOBIX is a powerful, smart technology platform delivering Video Relay Services (VRS), Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), and Integrated Multimedia Messaging services and connecting the members of the Deaf and Hard Hearing Community with the rest of society.


  • Secure video and voice calls
  • Video messages / chat
  • File transfer
  • Conversation archiving
  • Integrated accounting and payment system component
  • Speech2Text and Text2Speech services
  • Integrated video call center functions


  • High security video and voice communication
  • Independent platform, virtualization ready
  • Single sign-on ready
  • Easy to fit to existing systems
  • Complex solutions and platform
  • Browser support
  • iOS, Android application
  • Integration ability (Skype, LINE)


  • Social purpose projects - communication accessibility
  • Government – online features and identifying are required
  • Health protection – prompt diagnosis
  • Education systems - identifying and time tracking are required
  • Financial institutions systems - confidential direct banking and brokerage administration with authentication
  • E-commerce - complementary solutions

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