MOBIX Assisted Communication

MOBIX is a powerful, smart technology platform delivering Video Relay Services (VRS), Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), and Integrated Multimedia Messaging services and connecting the members of the Deaf and Hard Hearing Community with the rest of society.

All-in-one package for

  • Request sign language interpretation on-demand
  • Send or receive text, audio, and video messaging
  • Have access to remote translation of a conversation in place
  • Use any device: smartphone, tablet or traditional computer

Service operators

  • Service statistics
  • Financial reporting, and billing
  • Manage call center infrastructure
  • Service provisioning: subscription and interpreters’ scheduling
  • Service monitoring

MOBIX advantages - Our value

  • Customization

We design, develop, and support a solution fully customized with the needs, color theme, and logos of your organization.

  • Multimedia communication

Users can send and receive audio, video and text messages.

  • Powerful

All-in-one streamlined solution for users, interpreters and administrators.

  • No Proprietary device

Available for Android, iOS, and PCs and Macs via web browsers

  • Speech-To-Text

Interpreters can use vocal speech to directly increase efficiency in translation relay.

  • Resources monitoring

Administrators have access to comprehensive statistical reports on usage, traffic, financials and billing data.


MOBIX Topology

MOBIX Translator Center feature list

  • Registration of organizations
  • Simple connecting the sign language interpreter to the translator workstation
  • Organizing interpreters and services
  • Registration of users
  • Review of users data
  • Confirmation of users registration - sending message to the user
  • Access management and monitoring of the system parameters
  • Monthly settlement report
  • Call traffic visualization

MOBIX Client feature list

  • The application can be downloaded from Web Store
  • Login to the application
  • Phone register and prezense information
  • Video call with another Deaf user
  • Text messaging with another Deaf user
  • Text messaging with another Deaf user – in a delayed way – another user is not logged in
  • Video call to Sign Language Interpreter – stay in the message queue
  • Video call to Sign Language Interpreter, claiming of recall
  • Video call to Sign Language Interpreter
  • Text messaging with Sign Language Interpreter
  • Phone call to PSTN
  • Speech to Text (S2T) integration
  • Face Book Community – fast and efficient communication of the organization
  • Interfacing of Braille device – to support Blind and Hard of Hearing people
  • Availability of vibrating bracelet – BlueTooth integration
  • Ability to join other interfaces – for example Skype

MOBIX Advantages

  • High security video and voice communication
  • Independent platform, virtualization ready
  • Single sign-on ready
  • Easy to fit to existing systems
  • Complex solutions and platform

MOBIX Sectors

  • Banking
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community

MOBIX in action

Countrywide voice interpretation system developed for The Hungarian Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SINOSZ).
KONTAKT ( was developed and deployed by E-Group in 2013-2014.


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