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8. March, 2018

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EIT Health, GoGlobal/Go2China

28. November, 2017

EIT Health, GoGlobal/Go2China

eit delegacio

Our company’s CEO, Mr. Antal Kuthy, and Balázs Fürjes, Managing Director of EIT Health Innostars met the Chinese delegation at the end of November. The topic of the meeting was the EIT Health GoGlobal/Go2China European Innovation Acceleration programme, led by E-Group in Europe. The parties discussed the integration of Shenzen in the programme.

E-Group - China UnionPay

15. December, 2017

E-Group — China UnionPay

CUP resized clic

Antal Kuthy, representing E-Group CUP Gateway transaction gateway service provider company, participated at a meeting with the chairman of China UnionPay, Mr. Huayong Ge and other leaders. China UnionPay, founded in 2002, is one of the world's most dynamically developing leading bank card organizations with 5 billion cards issued in more than 14 countries and accepted in 92 countries and territories. In the next few years, CUP Gateway, as a partner of OTP Group, will continu to expand in the region. E-Group is dedicated to developing and implementing new innovative payment technologies in the Central-Eastern Europe.

Blockhaineum Conference

22. November, 2017

Blockhaineum Conference


The Blockhaineum Conference was organized this November in Akvárium Klub. Blockchain is the new craze in technology nowadays, we can hear more and more about it. However, in Hungary, this was the first conference exclusively about the blockchain technology and the future opportunities it offers. Our company was represented as well, our CEO, Antal Kuthy gave a talk. His presentation was around the end of the program, therefore others already introduced the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, thus Mr. Kuthy mostly focused on the future opportunities of the technology, and offered an insight into what direction these technologies could develop in, and what effect will it have on our lives. He mentioned the certain steps of blockhain development. He believes that with the development of distributed autonomous organizations distributed autonomous companies, or even distributed autonomous societies could emerge. Regarding this topic, it is only natural that the Internet of Things and the convergence of blockchains were mentioned as well: with the automation of machine-to-machine communication, blockchains are introduced, as intermediate layers, which will make it possible for creating distributed artificial intelligences as well. This field, however, requires several (technical) issues to be resolved. Mr. Kuthy addressed the legal system and how smart contracts will bring changes in that area, becuase automation and artificial intelligence is expected to change the work of lawyers. Smart contracts are neither „smart” nor considered „contracts” at the moment. Their implementation into the legal system is problematic, beginning from the problems of coding and managing personal data to issues of jurisdiction and liability. In the future, technology experts should play a role in legal and financial regulation.

Antal Kuthy participated at the Recovering Healthcare conference

8. December, 2017

Antal Kuthy participatedat the Recovering Healthcare conference

nezopont konf 01

Our CEO, Antal Kuthy participated at the roundtable-talks of an event organized by Nézőpont Intézet, a Hungarian organization dedicated to research and analysis activities. The topic of the conference was the recovering healthcare of Hungary. At the conference, Tamás Deutsch, commissioner for the „Digital Wellbeing Program” spoke about digital healthcare in Hungary and possible digital economic developments in the future. The presentations were followed by roundtable-talks that were attended by, among others, Zoltán Szabó, the CEO of NISZ (National Infocommunications Service Company), Miklós Szócska, former healthcare under-secretary of Hungary and current director of SOTE Institute of Digital Health Sciences, and Gergely Vartus, commissioner for E-Health coordination as well. The participants examined the opportunities of digital healthcare from the Hungarian strategic viewpoint. Antal Kuthy talked about on the opportunities of digital healthcare, and he explained, that a vast digital data-based colonization is taking place, and therefore, it is extremely important to manage healthcare-related data in a form that is in accordance with their significance to the national economy. As a Hungarian SME, E-Group received a great opportunity with a GINOP tender. Along with the University of Pécs, our company is taking part in the world-class development of medical data lake prototypes that will serve as a groundwork for the clinical use of data and such technological environment. Based on experience, it is possible to establish the model for leveraging the national healthcare data assets where clinical data, research, and planning is realized using artificial intelligence technology. In the future, we are planning to bring in further innovative companies and projects to the data lake project.

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