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What is the future of payment in our increasingly cashless society? This was the main topic of this year’s Paytech Show held at the Congress Centre of Budapest attended by nearly 250 participants representing major players in the payment and banking sector. We have an answer to that question, Pay with a smile. With its multi-factor biometric technology and c, PwaS will take us to a new chapter in European digital payment and make instant payment easier than ever. Smooth payment processes, better user experience = more satisfied customer & merchant. This equation is the basis of our ongoing 3-year long project with EIT Digital.


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EIT Digital Conference Brussels 2019


Pay with a Smile, the next evolutionary step in digital payments and the simplest solution to pay for frequent purchases. With our project in cooperation with EIT Digital, we set out to the EIT Digital Conference in Brussels, and demonstrated that with Pay with a smile’s multi-layer biometric authentication technology, we can step into the next chapter of digital payments. Face and palm recognition layers ensure seamless payment processes and provide improved customer experience.


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"Remote Eye" project - in co-operation with National Association of the Hungarian Blind and Visually Impaired

A public test period has begun for “Távszem” (Remote Eye – ENG), a new service, which provides remote access for the visually impaired by the National Association of the Hungarian Blind and Visually Impaired. The software has been carefully designed and prepared for release by our development team.

The Remote Eye project aims to provide the blind and partially sighted community with access to high-quality online aid services across the country through accessible mobile devices. Thousands of people use the app every day, and operators provide 7/24 availability. The hassle-free operation of the Remote Eye service is ensured by the operators from the call-center equipped with modern IT equipment at the associations headquarters.

Our product, the MOBIX Communication Platform, acquired a new user base and several new functionalities. In addition to the deaf and hard of hearing community, now it has expanded to include features for visually impaired users, as well as a call-center and administrative interfaces.

During the public test period starting in July, users will continuously evaluate the quality of the service to help us improve the system, since we believe it is absolutely essential to include the actual user base in the process.

Official name of the project:
"Development of an Accessibility Infocommunication Services Platform for Hard Hearing and Visually Impaired Persons"

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MOBIX framework used in the project:

A contract in 5 minutes? - IOX at the Fintech Show

This year, our latest product, the IOX Identity Onboarding Expert was introduced at the Fintech Show, that brings together the most prominent representatives of the Hungarian Fintech scene every year.

Our colleague, Áron Szabó, Vice President of MELASZ (Hungarian Electronic Signature Association), delivered a presentation on the possibilities of using public databases and the potential of IOX. Read more about our IOX solution here.